Spirit Guides

 Spirit Guides are human and animal souls that used to live on the earth realm. They are guides for humanity and animals in order to allow things to flow easier in the name of love. Each Spirit Guide is meant to heal and learn at the same time through the human souls on earth they guide. Through those experiences of the souls they guide they are able to learn and understand more about unconditional love, situations and embrace all angles of life in the human nature without judgment. 


 All souls that are Spirit Guides chose to experience this with those they guide in order to continue their ascension process in lessons and wisdom learned. No soul is forced to be a Spirit guide, rather they choose to do so when they either feel they are ready or feel they are in need of further ascension towards further enlightenment. All Guides have their own personalities, ideas and creative talents. None are like the same as the next and neither should or can be compared to for they are humble in nature and encourage us to embrace them similar to your best friend. They love and honor us with so much compassion and encouragement. Some guides are higher in Psychic abilies and awareness than others but none are 'more better' than the other for all souls ascend and grow in their own 'timing'. In order to conect with your Spirit guides they ask that you simply ask with a humble heart. You can requestio their loving guidance through prayer or by simply asking verbally. They don't require a ritual but only your heart that is through the God (love) energy. 

 Those that have a Spirit Guide is based on their level of need and purpose in their earthly life. Some souls have more than one Spirit Guide but again -this doesn't mean a person with multiple guides is 'more important' but simply require necessary guidance and love depending on their life and situations involved. Those that have a Spirit Guide more often are those seeking or leading a life with enlightenment or in a lifetyle where they are helping others. To include a few examples would be: Lightworkers, Psychics, Mediums, Caretakers, nuns, priests, pastors, Spiritual healers, Buddhist Monks, Shamans, The Pope and many others. The purpose of a Spirit Guide is to help guide the human and animal souls to a higher level of understanding in love and other situations in their life. Some need Guides to be assistane of dealing with energies, when dealing with traumaic experiences or with entities from the Other Side.

 Animal Spirit Guides are essentially to help love and guide humanity in understanding the nature of animal love and to help animals heal from abusers and to trust humans. They also guide humans in embracing themselves without guilt when after making mistakes with a pet. They are beautifuly charged high vibrations in God's energy and will do anything to help show unconditional love with judgement.

 Spirit Guides can range from deceased loved ones or people that we have never met physically here on earth before. The relationship on the 'physical' is not so important for all are in the same frequency when in God's energy that is LOVE. They will give us signs that they are here guiding and loving us in numerous amounts of ways which is similar to Angelic messages. To know what these are please see the "Angels" page to learn more.

 The reasons for Spirit Guides is nearly endless but are here to help guide and love humanity with pure empathy.