Earth Bound Souls

Some souls have a hard time transitioning from Earth to the Other Side. Not all souls will have this struggle for this is usually decided by the soul personally by their own free will to stay on the earth realm. Their reasons vary and so it would be unfair to subject them to only one reason like 'unfinished buisness.' In fact more often its due to refusing to move on because of refusing to accept that they are not longer physically a part of this world. And even though they are guided by loving angels and other Spirit guides to move forward, they may still refuse to cross to the Other Side completely. They are not forced to be 'stuck' -that is depending on the souls situation with other entities. More often the souls that are Earth Bound chose to stay and it's most often because of wanting to focus on the material things or the 'human' lifestyle. 

 Some souls will be Earth Bound for specific reasons, the list of reasons I state are not to be confined to 'one' way or 'why' for all have their own reasons:


  • Due to unfinished business

  • due to trying to protect another living loved one

  • due to focusing on the material life on Earth

  • due to fear of 'judgment' -unaware of God's love that DOES NOT judge.

  • Refusing to reside in love and choose to wreck other living people's lives as an Earth Bound Spirit

  • Confused or unsure and still deciding if they want to truly cross over

  • Stuck or being held captive due to another entity that is more powerful than them and doesn't know how to call for help from Angels or Creator


There are many reason why souls will be Earth Bound but it is best to remember that we can easily pray for them to be taken Home to Heaven by God and Angels with love in genuie concern. The Souls are not here because Creator didn't 'accept them' this is for much more complex reasons and even then -Creator NEVER denies anyone for He is ever merciful, compassionate and Forgiving.