The Malevolence

The Spirit Realm is not just with positive entities and positive vibrations -there are entities of a dark nature. These DO exist and are VERY real. It is important to understand that these enities don't care if you are 'saved' as A Christian or a atheist, they are attracted to any human soul that is vibrant in God's love. No person is deserving of these experiences and are not encountered with these horried beings due to 'sin' or 'ego' but by the simple attraction they have towards us to bring about unfortunate and unhappy experiences. They're NOT to be trusted.


 What kinds of Demons are there?

It is expressed to me from Creator that there are countless types and are not to be limited to only one kind of 'type' through a religious standpoint. For the infinite potential they hold due to their abilities is incomprehensible to humanity. They come in all shapes and sizes are and are not to be closed to 'one way' for they have limitless personality types. There are some that cause havoc, some that haunt your dreams, some that are physically damaging to property and even some that are sexual in nature that are based on control and power over the victim. This is not for the faint hearted. to comprehend this infliction on the human victims is disturbing.


 In What Ways Will They Appear?

These enities can appear to us in many ways but most often it is commonly reported to be very specific ways due to the mockery of the trinity -where most often things are repeated in 3's. This is exceptionally crucial to remember for this is one of their most often approaches to huamnity. They don't care if you find them 'out' for they crave and rather like the spot light of being the one causing 'hell' in a person's life. There are so many ways they will appear to humans but most often its through dreams, apparitions, dark cloudy mist, dark tall figure, or in dreams with scary images that frighten the person they are targeting. It is commonly believed that these entities will try to 'trick' you by appearing to us as a 'light' being or as a 'Jesus' figure -but from over 12 years experience with the Spiritual realm and as a Professional Medium I have never seen this (but doesn't mean it's not possible. However, what I've learned so far is they don't care to trick anyone for they really don't care if you see them or not. In fact it is understood that they prefer to appear so frightening to humanity due to enjoying this with a sickening pleasure. The appearnce that I have witnessed and others varies based on what the human finds terrifying. From what I have seen they can be so gruesome to the point of causing a human to be hospitalized to the overly terrifying experience to even witness these beings.


 What Are They?

Some beliefs state they were never human but it's understood by Source that these were also human souls that reside in the dark side of energy due to the Universal Law of Free Will. They are beings that only choose hatred, control, fear based tactics, etc.


 What Is Their Purpose?

Flatly their purpose is to bring their target down to a place that is dark to a point where the victim gives in with their free will. The free will is exceptionally powerful on the human soul and the creature can only take possession of the human by the person's free will. Whether if its by pretending to be a friendly face (but rarely do they even bother to try to 'trick' because they like the spot light).


 Are They 'Damned?"

Yes and no. It was the soul's personal decision to reside on the opposite side of love energy. They can become light beings but this would be their own choice and is always an option for them from absolute mercy from God. However, most are 'swallowed' by darkness such a hatred, jealousy, misery, fear, control etc.


 How Do They Become Involved in People's Lives?

There are many ways where a person can come face to face with these dark souls. To keep noted: these types of negative energies depending on their levels of power most often require the human to invite them into their life by the human's free will. whether it was intentional or 'not' they are invited into the victims life in countless ways. These things are so 'manipulating' that they usually are able to get away with invading the human(s) life for months to even years before the human(s) figure it out. The possibilites are so vast that I know I won't be able to list every possible 'way' but below is short examples:


  • Using a Ouija Board (Spirit Board)

  • Use of Magic that involves invoking dark enities

  • Moving into a house that already had the entity present

  • Seeking these dark energies out purposely for reasons of the individual

  • Fearing these entities so much that you literally attract them too you due to the power of the 'law of Attraction' -See page of Universal Law of Attraction to learn more

  • Satanic rituals or worship that attracts these entities

  • Is a person casted a curse on land that you moved to or that you live on


 What Are The Signs? Are They Obvious?

There are three stages to a Demonic presence and are to be understood as universal regardless of spiritual beliefs and or religion or lack thereof.

 The first is Investation -which is where the demon chooses their victim by depicting their fears and lack of control of their free will. This is also where they are somehow 'invited' into the life of the person(s) involved whether intentionally or not. 

 Then theres Oppression -this is where the enitty then gives the whispers and signs of a demonic presence. They will 'corner' their targeted human by making them feel isolated and alone. The signs can be incredibly obvious however there are many people in the world that still don't know with awareness of how to 'tell' for sure. This is where you need to have your 'radar' on at all times when you start 'feeling' as if something is around you. The list of signs is so extended but from the minor of signs is terrible nightmares. And these nightmares are primarily consisting of murder, war, rape, torture, and really anything that causes the victim to wake up in an utter cry from the fear. Another sign is when you discover things start going 'missing' and more often than one would normally anticipate. Reason why this happens is due to them manipulating the physical objects and causing them to dematerialize and materialze somewhere else. It is common for people to find they wake up at 3:00am especially after their nightmares. This is something to pay close attention to due to the mockery of the holy trinity (Father, Son & The Holy Spirit). The Demonic presence is most commonly reported to bring about a rotten oder like rotten eggs, or the smell of rotting flesh. This smell will be too obvious to the nose that when the individual smells this and can't find the solution as to why or where this is coming from -it's a sign to remember. It is increasingly happening where the victims that are being targeted will hear bangs, taps, or have scratches on their body in 3's. This is a very loud sign -so remember this. There are creatures that like to touch the victim and make them feel uncomfortable. Some will cross the line and watch the victim while taking showers and dressing and the victim will feel this in a sense that causes them to not be able to shake this discomfort. To enhance this infliction they will go as far as breaking objects,  to frighten the person. They have the power to grab humans and push them down stairs, throw them across the room, pull them out of their bed and even as far as rape them in their sleep or when awake. Their goal is to cause the person's will to break and when this happens, they win -which is why it's crucial you never give in. These examples are not limited, it's to be understood they are capable of nearly countless acts. They primarily will have one target to possess most often but will still cause 'hell' to the others that live in the same home.

 Lastly there's Possession -where the entity then takes control of the soul of the human target. This is incredibly complex and is careflly to be analyzed by professionals to know 'for sure' if there is a possession taking place. Most often this occurs after the human soul gives in with their own free will due to no longer wanting to fight off the entity. This point is DIRE for you are then fighting for the victim's soul and MUST be handled by professionals. Don't try to be the hero if you have even the slighest fear of your faith in the saving someone for the risk is too great.

 Some signs to tell if a person is dealing with being poessessed would be a few examples but are not to be limited to only these 'actions' and 'behaviors':

  • Their behavior changes drastically to sudden rage outbursts to where you KNOW it's not the person's normal behavior or attitude towards others

  • Their eyes become black to the point where you feel like you aren't looking into the eyes of your loved one anymore

  • They start sleep walking for hours each night at certain times when you know they don't normally do this

  • Their voice tends to change to someone or something different

  • Their face morphes when they become angry in their outbursts to the point where you are question if you just 'saw that'

  • this person starts to smell like rotting meat, eggs or flesh to the point where you cannot deny it

  • They start to show apathy for life of other living beings

  • The possessed will have a cringe of hatred towards those of faith like priest, nuns, pastors, churches, holy emblems such as crosses and holy figurines

  • They begin to show highly advanced Psychic abilities or 'knowing' of things that they never could've known

  • Suddenly start to speak another language or speaking in tongues that are not recognizable   


 Do They Target Specific People? If So -Why?

Yes. The range of who and why is varied but it's understood as a Professional Medium and being conected with Spirit for over 12 years that they target those that are the most vulnerable. This would include children for their pure heart is something they know is more easily manipulating than that of adults. But adults that are easily feeling victimized can too become targets. It is also careful to note that they target most often those that are also closest to God depending on their life purpose and love energy. This includes saints, and Lightworkers, and other types of people that are connected to Source on a deep level. 


lHow Can I Be Rid Of These Things?

There are numerous ways in getting rid of these but depending on the human soul's will and tolerence it may take longer than one may anticipate. IT aslo depends on the entity's stamina and power for these enities are highly intelligent and can do things to the human that most would never imagine.

 Below will be a short list of ways on how to be rid of these entities. This is NOT to be taken lightly -for no person should attempt to do this alone without some help from someone who is more advanced or knowledgeable of these types of energies.


  • Saging your home, yourself and others in the home will help to cleanse the energies allowing the positive to take hold. Doing this is suggested and should be done with bravery in the heart of the individual while asking for Angels to assist in this blessing/cleansing. You can do this also with Frankincense. When doing this recite out loud in each room of the home and to yourself: "Only Light, love and positive energies may reside here. All negative enities must leave the premises." **It is highly recommended to sage your home and yourself weekly regardless of having Paranormal activity or not. This is similar to a 'repellent' of dark energies that should be done regardless so as to keep your family and self safe. For eventurally it will wear off and that's why it's best to keep doing it repeatedly as needed.**

  • Prayer to Creator, Ascended Masters and or Angelic help is crucial for they can help to take the entity out of the home or person. Belief in a Higher Power is a must for the individual to believe for the inner belief in the human is dire for the evacuation of the negative entity to be successful.

  • Contacting a Medium, (not a psychic because a Medium can sense the energies of entities -not psychics), A Shaman, local pastor or priest to come to help you to bless the environment and or people. Make sure to not just have 'anyone' that 'says' they can help -do your homework and check their credentials and history. Even some Spiritual folks don't 'know' what they are doing at times and this is where you need to listen to your instincts on who to hire to help you. (only ask for outside help if it turs out the problems get worse to where it's out of your hands).

  • Take salt and make a giant circle around the home or location. It can either be sprinkled to not be so obvious to others or you can use a thick amount -thats really up to what you feel will work best. This is important for salt is a natural ingredient and has properties to keep negative energies at bay. **This is NOT witchcraft or Wicca** When doing this ask for help from Angels and from Source to bring you aid.  The circle of salt will create a barrier from the negative energies. You can also do this around each bed in your home and at the doorways and windows if you'd prefer that instead of going around your entire home/location. Recite while you're making these salt barriers "In the name of love and positive energy only light and love may cross this line. " It's important to have conviction in your words and belief in your heart that this will work.

  • For those that have a strong belief in Jesus Christ (Yeshua) or those that are desperate to try anything may take olive oil and with olive oil on the tip of your forefinger, make a cross on the forehead of all person(s) in the home/location and say "In the name of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit you are now blessed." This should too be done on the ankles, lower spine, wrists, above the navel and back of the neck to ensure the negative entity(s) cannot touch you physically. Depending on the severity this may need to be done once a week or more. The cross should also be made on every door of the home/location to bless the house. **The reason for this is due to the power of the representation of Christ due to being a highly ascended soul closest to God-which will mark the home as a place of protection. You can also use another Ascended Master figure if you'd prefer.**

  • One may also acquire Holy Water at a local church that is blessed or you may simply make your own Holy Water at home. Believe it or not, anyone can make Holy Water. It doesn't have to come from a church to be blessed. Any person can bless water by making a simple prayer over the water asking for Creator to now bless the water in the name of love. It's recommened to sprinkle holy water in every room and on ever person(s) in the home to bless. Recite "In the name of love in God I now bless this house/ person. All negative energy/ entities must evacuate. Only love and positive energies may reside here." Ask for help from Ascended Masters and Angels to help you in this blessing.


 ***It's important to note*** When cleansing your home or yourself may cause the entities to lash out even more -but don't stop cleansing and don't stop blessing the home and person(s) involved. They lash out because they're mad and are trying to scare the victims to the point where they stop. This takes great courage and again -is not for the faint hearted for the gravity of how impacting these beings can become is life altering to some.  And when cleansig you may not see a change for a few weeks to onths depending on the power and will of the entity. If it takes longer than a few weeks it's advisable to seek professional aid.***