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Mystery book on the way for 2020.

Paranormal, Demonology, Afterlife, Ghosts


To embark on the subject of Demonology is to set themselves onto a road severely less traveled. This book will cover subjects, red flags and insights into the consciousness of a Demonic entity. Here you will be able to have a contemporary guide -a hand book into the knowing of when one is in the dealings of a  Demonic presence and how to seek refuge from the traumatic supernatural terrorism. Covering a range of topics and common questions asked by innocent victims, witnesses, and even skeptics.

  • How people become targets

  • Relgious belief VS reality

  • How the entity chooses it's victims

  • How Demons & Familiars came into existence (Untold Story)

  • What to expect from Demonic & familiars during Oppression Stage

  • The difference between Demons, Human Spirits & Poltergeists

  • Trigger objects and supernatural devices

  • Real possession VS 'TV' possession

  • Astral Realm (a world within our world)

  • Three of the Universal Laws

  • Difference between Influence & Possession

  • Cleansing: Blessings & Sealings 

Publication Date:  Nov 13 2017
Size:  5.25" x 8" (13.335 x 20.32 cm) 
Page Count:  272 pages
ISBN-13:  978-1979509725  (CreateSpace-Assigned) 
ISBN-10:  1979509727 
BISAC:  Religion / Demonology & Satanism