Melinda Kay Lyons wasn't always a Psychic Medium, nor was she inclined to become a Demonologist. However, at eighteen she underwent a near-death experience that opened her third eye that sparked her Psychic and Medium abilities to develop. Though she spreads love and positivity in her pursuit to sharing knowledge of the other side, destiny had another plan in mind. Once she took her abilities to a professional level, that's when she couldn't help but notice an increase in her client's supernatural disturbances from malevolent spirits and just how common it actually is.

In Demon Dealer, Lyons gives you an in-depth look of what it's like getting up and close personal with departed human souls, familiar spirits and deep into the gruesome Demon and Devil experiences. Exploring mild paranormal occurrences like doors opening, full body apparitions, unexplained bangs to a radio turning on by itself, quickly evolving into a more sinister journey.

Demon Dealer

Publication Date:  *******
Trim Size:  5.5" x 8.5" 
Page Count:  365 pages
ISBN-13: 9781692748418   
BISAC:  Religion / Demonology & Satanism


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Publication Date:  Nov 13 2017
Trim Size:  5.25" x 8" 
Page Count:  272 pages
ISBN-13:  978-1979509725   
ISBN-10:  1979509727 
BISAC:  Religion / Demonology & Satanism

To embark on the subject of Demonology is to set themselves onto a road severely less traveled. This book will cover subjects, red flags and insights into the consciousness of a Demonic entity. Here you will be able to have a contemporary guide -a hand book into the knowing of when one is in the dealings of a Demonic presence and how to seek refuge from the traumatic supernatural terrorism. Covering a range of topics and common questions asked by innocent victims, witnesses, and even skeptics.

  • How people become targets

  • Relgious belief VS reality

  • How the entity chooses it's victims

  • How Demons & Familiars came into existence (Untold Story)

  • What to expect from Demonic & familiars during Oppression Stage

  • The difference between Demons, Human Spirits & Poltergeists

  • Trigger objects and supernatural devices

  • Real possession VS 'TV' possession

  • Astral Realm (a world within our world)

  • Three of the Universal Laws

  • Difference between Influence & Possession

  • Cleansing: Blessings & Sealings 

Demons & Familiars


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