Heavenly Guides

 Angelic beings exist and are here to help us in our journey here on earth. Angels are in all shapes and sizes and are both male and female energies. They speak to us and are with us on a daily basis more than many are even aware of-but are present nonetheless.


  How are Angels with us?

Angels are with us during everything in our lives and are not only our rescuers from harm and healers of pains but are observers of our lives here. They are not limited to earth time as we are and so are easily able to be present for you and another person at the same 'earth time'.  They are able to travel distances farther than the human comprehension and are not limited to dimensions depending on each Angel's own ascension level.


 How are Angels Helping us?

Angels are able to heal, guide, and provide answers to deep rooted questions as well protect us from harm when either asked or not. They are powerful beings with and are guided by supreme love and compassion for humanity and will do any and all they can to see us happy. They look at us without judgment for each Angelic being is pure in love and energy.


 How can we ask for Angelic help?

Angels hear us by the energy in our souls based on our thoughts, emotions and desires. They can see through us by our energy frequency an will do the best they are able with Creator's blessing to heal and guide us. All Angels respond to us based on our level of need and desire behind why we call to them. You can call onto Angels through prayer or by simply just asking out loud. They do not require anything but your vulnerability with your heart and trust in their absolute love.


 Can humans become Angels?

Yes! The answer is a big YES. Angels are souls that ascended to a higher frequency due to allowing their souls to be guided by pure love in Source, Creator. It is understood that all souls are worthy to be Angelic and are merely able to by allowing the lessons learned to cleanse the soul while gaining more wisdom from Creator that is supreme intelligence.


 Do Angels give us signs when they are hearing us?

Yes! And to help you understand what some of those signs are below will be a very brief description for what Angels commonly do when trying to give us signs that they are listening. To keep in mind, they ask us to remain patient for everything happens in Divine timing:


  • Finding Pennies or dimes around in odd places

  • Finding feathers in odd places

  • Having Angel dreams

  • Having Butterfly dreams

  • Having dreams of being surrounded by something that brings you peace and love

  • Seeing numbers repeatedly such as: 1111, 111, 333, 7777, 77, 1313, 7171 (the numbers don't need to be in a certain pattern so much as the meaning is more important. Pay close attention to how you feel & what you were thinking before and during the times when you see these numbers

  • Seeing sparkling lights that are hard to debunk. (make sure to rule out health reasons)

  • Smelling pleasent sents that are pleasent to the nose. Most describe smelling flower sents or sweet aromas that they cannot debunk

  • Seeing a misty sight that cannot be explained

  • Hearing beautiful voices in dreams or music that brings healing and love

  • Feeling a sense of warmth and a tingling feeling when asking for healing or love and reassurance (this is not as common only those that are capable to comprehend this without fear)

  • Feeling an Angel's kiss that will be a slight tingling sensation on the cheek


 Does your relgion matter when connecting with Angels?

The answer is a definite NO. Angels are available for all in the Universe in the name of love.


 What Do They Look Like?

Most often they are described by witnesses as being supreme light beings with wings or most often as a humble human with wisdom and absolute love in their energy. Those that are graced with the sight of an Angel are truly blessed for the rare encounters are for the sake of bringing back faith to humanity. They tend to glow and glitter due to the massive amounts of God's loving energy they embody that they literally seem like bedazzled beings. Their skin (that is energy) glows a golden ray of healing and shines so much that they reflect like a mirror due to the overpowering shine. I know this for I have seen these amazing beings in my Near-Death experience and in dream visitations with my Spirit Guides and Yeshua. Along with other people sharing this same experience all over the world. Angles come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful in their own unique way.


 What kinds of Angels Are There?

There are countless types of Angels but the few listed are whats most commonly known all over the globe. The list is not to be confused as 'levels' of some higher or lower for it is understood that all Angels look at each other as equals regardless of mastery in their unity with Creator. All Angels have their own jobs and talents to help bring as much ease to humanity as possible. As well as bring organization in the Universe for the well being of all. Their talents can range from singing, art, food, construction skills, music, literature, child raising, gardening, etc. Their goal is to be present for each human in the Universe to be an aid for enlightenment and guidance. 

  • Archangels

  • Angels

  • Cherub Angels

  • Seraphim Angels

  • Guardian Angels


 Is there a limit when asking for an Angel's help?

Again the answer is a no. There is no limit to love and to guiding God's loving humanity. They enjoy and take much appreciation in being able to guide us and allowing their love to be the message towards positive motions.